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Change is coming, so it pays to get ahead, so if your business offers public parking, there has never been a better time to invest in a public EV Charging Solution, allowing your customers, employees and visitors to pull up, plug in and immediately start charging, by offering them a secure, speedy and seamless charging experience.

Offering the Public a facility to charge their EV can help attract customers, and help generate you an additional income stream. It will put your business and location on the map by advertising the EV Charging facilities, and you may be able to offer something that your potential competitors aren’t as well as demonstrating your businesses commitment to sustainability and green business initiative.

We understand that every business is different and as your chosen charge point operator we will take care of everything, from grid connection through to installation, and management of your charging points, whilst providing you with an additional income stream.

We are able to guide you, establishing what you currently have and what you are aiming for in the future, offering tailored expert advice on concept development.

From holiday parks, retail parks, public car parks and residential car parking facilities, we will assess your premises and public parking location, check your power supply and advise on the number of EV charge points your current electrical infrastructure could support, as well as advise on future expansion of the EV Instructure and scalability ensuring your system is future proof.

The number of EV’s on your charging infrastructure and the time they charge will impact the type of charging units you may require, and we will help guide you to make sure you choose the correct EV Charging system. This will be monitored post installation and a report sent periodically to ensure you are generating maximum revenue.

We will be able to advise on the best, most cost-effective location for your EV charge points and discuss with you your requirements for load balancing, and guide you through any supply upgrades if required.

Free Consultation & Quotation
10-year warranty as standard!
Hassle-free installation within days
Fast AC Chargers
Charging power from 7.4kW to 22kW
Semi-rapid, rapid/ultra-rapid DC Chargers

Charging power from 25kW to 350kW

Complete our self survey form or book a free quotation consultation
We will survey your current site, electrical infrastructure and power supply and consult with you in regards to your current needs for public charging, now and in the future. We will advise on your eligibility for any Government Grants offered by OZEV and help turn your parking location into an EV charging destination. Contact us via our form to book an appointment.
Choose your perfect EV chargers
We have partnered with all of the major brands of charge point suppliers and are not tied in with one specific brand giving us the freedom to work with you to select the perfect EV charge point solution for your public parking location.
We will provide you with a quotation
Simply press the accept button on the quotation and we will be in touch to schedule a booking.
Book your installation date
Our friendly team and your dedicated installation manager will work with you to book an installation date that causes as minimal disruption to your location or business as possible.
Installation day
We will supply and install your new chargers on your chosen date, providing all required bay markings and protection if required.
We will do a brief training run-through of your site-specific charge points to ensure you are confident with your new system and software.
Get charging and earn revenue!
Begin using your chargers straight away after installation, and start generating revenue from day one!
Advertise your Charging Points
We will help you register your charge points with online charging maps to make your chargers visible to all EV Drivers.

When choosing DirectEV as your charge point operator we will monitor and report on your public EV Charging system, ensuring that any faults are quickly brought to your attention. In the unlikely event of a fault, we will make sure we get your chargers up and running in no time at all, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Approved installers

Take advantage of the current Workplace charging Grant Scheme. Contact one of our advisors for further information.

All of our workplace EV chargers have been accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) meaning they qualify for the Workplace Charging Grant. Our in-house experts can assist you with reducing the cost of your workplace chargers by up to £14,000!

Each EV Charge point that runs contactless technology will require a SIM card and the data charges are invoiced on a monthly basis in advance. The first month’s data charge is included in the installation fee. There is also a small percentage-based fee for the handling and management of contactless transactions, payment handling fees are deducted at the time of the transaction.

You will also have the option to take out a one, three or five-year Operations & Maintenance contract which is paid monthly in advance.

This means in the unlikely event there is a fault and the EV Chargers are not working, you will have access to fully remote support services, which include email and telephone support, unlimited software updates and proactive online monitoring.

If the issue cannot be fixed remotely, with our onsite response services we will have a specialist EV engineer on-site within 24 hours to complete a fault diagnosis, repair the EV Charging station and any faults found with the electrical infrastructure or replacement of the charging station and electrical components if failed within 48 hours of diagnosis.

We will also complete an annual inspection of each EV Charge point and associated electrical infrastructure. This will include leak testing, full connectivity check, wear and tear reporting and inspection of protection and bay markings.

Payments of income are reported on a MONTHLY basis in arrears on the last working day of the preceding month.

This varies depending on the needs of your customer. For example, if your customers park in the location overnight (ie Holiday Park) then a standard charger would charge their vehicle in about 6-7 hours. For a 3-4 hour duration (i.e Retail park), you would probably need 22kw chargers and rapid charging for a stay of 30 minutes to an hour.

We will tailor your EV Charging solution to yours and your customers requirements, whilst taking into consideration your budget and future development concepts.

The manufacturer warranty you get with your electrical car charger(s) varies depending on what charger you choose. These typically vary from 1 – 3 years. However, DirectEV offers a 10 year installation guarantee with every install for no added cost.

We will help and guide you through the application process with UK Power Networks to upgrade your supply if required.

If your business installs charging points for electric vehicles between now and 31 March 2023, 100% first-year allowances can be claimed on the investment cost.

In the March 2021 budget, the Government announced a new super-deduction capital allowance. This offers a 130% first-year allowance on qualifying electric charging points for cars and vans. To qualify, the company must use the charging point in their own business.

Our chargers are compatible with all the main vehicle manufacturers including:

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